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In the domain of social constructionist thought, a social construct is an idea or notion that appears to be natural and obvious to people who accept it but may or may not represent reality, so it remains largely an invention or artifice of a given society.


social construct


a social mechanism, phenomenon, or category created and developed by society; a perception of an individual, group, or idea that is 'constructed' through cultural or social practice

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What is the "myth of homosexuality"?


Virtually no one believes homosexuality is a myth. The author of this essay was no exception. However, a recent swarm of synchronicities with an added dollop of serendipity has inadvertently revealed to me that actually, we have all been bamboozled. Documenting the scam, identifying the perpetrator and how it was and is accomplished and for what purpose will be the focus of this exposition.

To understand why "homosexuality" might be referred to as a myth, one first needs to ascertain from where and how this concept comes into existence and exactly what is meant by the word, "homosexual".

Got Critical Thinking?

Today and for way too long now, critical thinking has become somewhat of a lost art. People in the present culture rely heavily on "authorities" to tell them what is true and what to think and how to feel about it.

Most people believe that words like "homosexual" and "homosexuality" refer to something real that can be found existing in the real world because our "authority figures"- for example, characters in movies and TV shows, media personalities,  psychologists, psychiatrists and the like, tell us that there is something called “homosexuality” where “homosexuals” distinguish themselves by having the interest and desire to engage in various acts of what has come to be called "anal sex" i.e. genital-anal intercourse, digital or oral anal contact , “fisting” and so on ad nauseam.

If a male patient tells a doctor that he has a desire to be penetrated anally, or that the thought of engaging in oral-anal contact gets him sexually aroused, rather than seeing that this is a symptom of a situation that needs attention and treatment, you would not be surprised that the doctor does not (see this as a symptom) and would henceforth just classify this person as a "homosexual", with no need to further investigate the bizarre symptomology.

Now, if one were to ask why on Earth would anyone ever want to engage in something so vile, filthy and revolting as "anal sex", we are told that it is because they are “homosexual”. "Anal sex" is how “homosexuals” have sex.

Circular Logic and Oxymorons 

So the reasoning goes something like this- we label those with a desire for "anal sex" as "homosexual" and then we explain why they have the desire for "anal sex" by saying that it's because they are "homosexual".

"Anal sex" is a classic oxymoron- two mutually exclusive concepts. Doesn’t the word "sex" refer to behavior that is motivated and inspired by the instinctive drive to procreate?  So when a “homosexual” feels the inborn drive to reproduce, this motivates him to go find someone to have “anal sex” with? That his drive to procreate is expressed by planting his seed in the rectum of another male? WTF??? That just makes zero sense...

The astute reader will have noticed that such circular logic and shoddy reasoning delivers to us neither knowledge or understanding nor anything even slightly insightful regarding what might actually be going on, and that this faux knowledge conceals an embarrassing lack of true understanding and a total inability to explain the existence of "homosexuals" or why they would want to engage in "anal sex".

So upon this illogical and nonsensical foundation of confusion and ignorance is built a confusing and illogical belief system about what is meant by the term, "homosexual".

Many people believe that "homosexuals" are born "gay" while others point out that it can't be genetic because "homosexuals" don't reproduce (very much). Organisms that have strong reproductive capacity have the survival advantage because "natural selection" is very real. Gene pools that can't compete because they have weak or depressed reproduction possibilities, go extinct.

Most people believe that “homosexuals” cannot change their orientation while others subscribe to the somewhat more empowering belief that "homosexuals" are “gay by choice”.  Still others ask- why would anyone choose to be the scourge of society and have to face a life of being shunned and the possibility of being gay bashed everywhere they go.

Some believe that the "homosexual's" reproductive drive becomes focused on the anus, (their own and that of others) by way of some traumatic experience involving the mother or father or some other person. Or perhaps some deficit or excess in the developmental (pre or post natal) environment would cause this deviation.

Religious types believe that anything so vile and destructive must be of the devil or that God creates "homosexuals" to teach us tolerance and that healing is to be found in prayer and forgiveness. One pitifully confused religious leader tells us that “God hates fags”. 

So, even though no one can seem to figure out what exactly is meant by the term "homosexual" or where they come from or how they get here, virtually everyone believes that “homosexuals” are real and that they are very different from so called “normal” people.

"Homosexuality" is not a state of being- it's a social construct

How about this- “Homosexuality” is not a state of being. "Homosexuals" are just regular people with some rather bizarre symptoms. I would think that someone involved with medical research might be interested in tracking down the root cause of such symptoms but, hey, I'm not a doctor, what do I know...

"Homosexuality" is a social construct. The evidence for this idea is that when a person that identifies with the terms “homosexual” or “gay” is examined and compared physically with one who identifies with the terms “heterosexual” or “normal”, they are indistinguishable.

Geneticists have yet to find the “gay gene” or any other distinguishing feature between so called “straight” and “gay”. Physiologists, microbiologists, neurologists and neurobiologists can find no meaningful difference between “heterosexuals” and “homosexuals”. 

Acknowledging that there is no significant difference between "heterosexuals" and "homosexuals" is admitting that "homosexuality" doesn't really exist except as a social construct and that "straight or gay" is a false dichotomy because "straight" is just another social construct that doesn't really exist except as a social construct.

The only “ologist” that reports any real difference between "gays" and "straights", is the parasitologist who tells us that “homosexuals”, because of the unclean practices associated with so called “anal sex”, carry a many times greater burden of parasites than “non-gay” populations.

The social construct called “homosexuality” was created and is accepted because no one wants to admit that they are clueless about what's really going on and people want to think and feel like they understand what’s up with people who have this disturbing behavior of wanting and engaging in “anal sex”.

The word "sex" as in "having sex", refers to behavior inspired by and "designed" to facilitate the human reproductive instinct and result in human procreation. "Anal sex" is NOT sex. The anus is not a sex organ. The only reproductive cycle that "anal sex" is inspired by and designed to facilitate, is the reproductive cycle of parasites. And to be clear- far from being benign, these are health destroying, brain eating, mind controlling parasites that we are talking about here. But I'm getting ahead of myself- that's material to be covered in the next section ("The Astonishing Capabilities of Mind Controlling Parasites").

So the identity or class of human called “homosexual” is socially constructed (or made up) so people won’t feel so mystified by a situation they cannot understand or relate to.

If no physical difference between “straight” and “gay” can be found, even on a microscopic, cellular or genetic level, what would convince a person to identify themselves as being “homosexual”? In other words, why would anyone believe that they are “gay”?

If a person is experiencing symptoms like being sexually aroused by thoughts of anal penetration or oral-anal contact, the dominant social construct of “homosexuality” will cause them to believe that they are actually “gay” and that they are in fact a “homosexual”

Because they themselves accept the homosexual social construct, they may adopt and act out stereotypical behaviors that “everybody” believes are how “homosexuals” act. 

“Homosexuals” for example, are effeminate and are not attracted to women.  Or “gays” are extremely promiscuous, flamboyant and confused about their gender.  Everybody knows "gays" make good hair stylists and cake decorators, right?.  Aren’t “gays” supposed to be absolutely fabulous as fashion designers and interior decorators?  

All of this is pure social construct- not reality.

So, it’s easy to understand that if a person were never to experience being sexually aroused by thoughts of “anal sex”, it’s very unlikely they would ever get the idea or acquire the belief that they are a homosexual. 

So why would a person who is apparently healthy and normal ever experience the bizarre symptom of having an attraction for “anal sex”?

How can the healthy, instinctive drive to procreate get deflected to a totally non-sexual part of the body that has no connection in any way with reproduction?

Especially considering that we humans have a natural, healthy and instinctual revulsion and disgust for anything related to excretory functions, such as the anus. The possibility of encountering the sight, smell or even the thought of being near excrement is a 100% sure fire sexual turn-off to any healthy person.   How is it that this health protecting, life preserving, instinctual mechanism doesn’t function in so called “homosexuals”?

To answer these questions, continue to part 2- The Astonishing Capabilities of Mind Controlling Parasites



Dr. Dennis Hiebert presents: "What does 'The Social Construction of Reality' Mean?"

Social constructionism observes how the interactions of individuals with their society and the world around them gives meaning to otherwise worthless things and creates the reality of the society.

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