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Parasitic mind-control is common in the animal kingdom. Mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and insects are all suceptible to parasitic mind control. It's not theory, there's no controversy- it's 100% accepted scientific fact. Why would anyone believe humans are somehow not susceptible?

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The Astonishing Capabilities of Mind Controlling Parasites


In this section, I want to go over some information most people know almost nothing about.  Even the most learned, studied and knowledgeable of our scientists admit they know only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding the realities of parasites.  Could this be because the medical industry understands that parasites, by causing so much confusion with undiagnosed and misdiagnosed illness and all the human misery and suffering that is created, keeps the demand for medical services high, and the concomitant huge cash flow flowing? It is understood that people have an instinctive fear/revulsion reaction to looking into the topic of human hosted parasites and this is exploited to enable the unseen cash cow to remain hidden.   There are certainly much more pleasant ways to occupy our minds than examining parasite realities. But, as with most bad situations, adopting an “ignorance is bliss” attitude can be a fatal error.

While we don’t know everything there is to know about these small, mostly microscopic, but deadly creatures, biologists and microbiologists have certainly made important and informative observations about their lifecycles; how they feed, reproduce and spread.  As our knowledge expands, it is becoming increasingly clear, that an astoundingly large amount of human suffering is caused by parasite infestations.

Welcome to Bizarro World

Imagine a world where the inhabitants live out their entire life cycle occupying and exploiting the bodies and even the minds of other creatures.  Large creatures become the habitat for small creatures, whose bodies become the habitat for even smaller creatures, as all creatures do their absolute best to feed themselves, reproduce themselves, expand their habitat and exploit their environment; in short, to survive and thrive. 

Parasitic life forms have been in existence for millions of years longer than humans are believed to have been on the planet so some might argue that they have us at somewhat of a disadvantage.

As Above, So Below…

In the recorded history of the development of human society and culture we see almost continuous progress from the most primitive and ignorant states of existence to ever more complex, intelligent and sophisticated solutions to our problems and challenges.

These solutions (internal adaptations and environmental manipulations) are supposed and intended to make the survival of our species more likely. And in the animal world we see many examples of natural selection and intelligent adaptation to challenging environments, increasing the odds for successful reproduction and survival of the species or the failure to adapt and consequent extinction of the species.

So also in the microscopic realm of the life forms we call “parasites”, with millions of years of evolutionary adaptations- learning to survive in changing environments, with natural selection weeding out the species that fail to meet the challenges and favoring the species that are able to respond to survival threats with perceptiveness, intelligence and even creativity. 

When we look at the methods, techniques and strategies utilized by these creatures to feed, reproduce and spread, we can appreciate that perceptiveness, intelligence and creativity are indeed evolutionary adaptations that have been succesfully realized by  these organisms.

They have developed the ability to create changes in some key areas of host brain chemistry , mental activity and DNA expression to the extent that they can turn the biological resources of the host organism to function in ways that are controlled by and serve only the parasite. 

For example, some key biological resources of a host that parasites can influence and control is the host's ability think and decide what to think about and what emotions to feel or not feel.

The host’s ability to sense danger and to react with revulsion, disgust and fear can all be turned off, like turning off a light.  Even the way nerve impulses and physical sensations are interpreted and experienced as painful or pleasurable can be controlled by parasites.

Visual and auditory hallucinations are not beyond the capabilities of parasites to inflict upon thier host.  The victim/host of the parasite may see things that aren’t there and or, hear voices in their head that they believe are the voices of someone they know, a living or dead relative, a demon, angel or even Satan or God, telling them to do what the parasite wants them to do- usually something unspeakably ghastly that destroys the host but facilitates parasite reproduction.

Now, realize- we're seeing single celled protozoa (organisms that don't even have brains!!!) communicating telepathically with their host using human language that is understood by the host, to trick the host into carrying out the satanic desires of the parasite! Take some time to just let that sink in...

Parasites have found ways to accomplish all this and more while remaining undetected and making the host feel and believe that it is the host that is in control, making their own decisions about what they think and how they feel and how they behave.

As we will see in the examples below, parasites can even manipulate what an animal or person is sexually attracted to, even when the deviated sexual attraction results in extreme pain or certain death for the host.

Something we see over and over in many parasitic species is the ability to hijack or repurpose the instinctive reproductive drive and behavior of host organisms and even the host's physical organs of reproduction can be repurposed to enable and facilitate parasite reproduction.

One example of parasitic repurposing of host reproductive capabilities is when we see a virus invade a cell, take over the DNA replicating processes of the cell and cause it to replicate only more virus. The host cell fills up with the viral material that it is being used to replicate, until it pops like an over-inflated balloon, giving birth to thousands of new viri to infect and destroy other cells. Even to the point of the death of the host organism.

Another example is when a mouse becomes infected with the toxoplasma parasite by ingesting feces from an infected cat, and then the infected mouse stops seeking reproductive behavior with other mice in favor of a desire to have "sex" with a cat. The cat that the infected mouse finds so iresistably sexy, eats the infected mouse which enables the toxoplasma organism to reproduce in the cat's gut and spread to other cats by way of infected rodents.

This third example of a parasite interfering with and hijacking a host organism's reproductive functions and processes to enable parasite reproduction involves humans.

There is a parasitic organism or perhaps a whole family or class of related micro-organisms*, that infects humans and spreads by hijacking the instinctive, natural, healthy sex drive that would normally be focused on interacting with (inseminating) reproductive organs (genitals).

An infected human loses or de-emphasizes the natural instinctive interest in reproductive organs and instead, finds themselves attracted to, even obsessed with, a part of the anatomy that isn't a sex organ at all and isn't involved with human reproduction in any way.

Instead, the area of human anatomy that attracts the interest of someone infested with this particular parasite, is the area of the body that is an entryway to parasite infestation and required for parasite reproduction, the rectum/anus. Altering or redirecting the human sex drive to be directed away from human reproductive organs and focused on the anus is how this parasite reproduces and spreads.

*(as yet unidentified by slacker scientists, but is possibly toxoplasma gondii and/or related organisms)

So let's take a look at what is known about the lifecycle of some of the parasitic organisms that we share our planet, and sometimes, our bodies with. To keep this as brief as possible, we will only discuss six species of the many thousands that exist. With the knowledge gained from this micro-investigation into the capabilities of parasites, the reader will have suficient insight and understanding to comprehend and appreciate the next section of this exposition, "You're Not Gay- You're Parasitized!!!".

the ladybug parasite...

the roach parasite...

the crab parasite...

the cat parasite...

my parasite...

Mike's "gay" parasite...


So parasites have the ability to "repurpose" or reprogram the instinctive reproductive drive of host organisms to facilitate parasite reproduction. Another example of this sort of thing is when we see a virus take over the DNA replicating processes of a host cell and cause it to replicate only virus DNA even to the point of the self destruction of the host.

We can see that parasites have these abilities and wield these powers in thier quest to survive and thrive. If we were to attempt to find some evidence of parasites using these methods and stratigies in human beings, where do you think the logical place to look would be? What might some symptoms of such an infestation be? Might not anomalous sexual behavior be a good place to start our inquiry?

Here is a person that can report to us what he experienced when the parasite was able to gain control of key brain functions that "turned off" the instinctive, healthy and natural revulsion humans have to anything anal and redirected his inborn instinct to procreate toward the part of human anatomy that enables the parasite to carry out its own instinctive reproductive cycle.

Mike B. tells us... "mikes description..."

Continue to part 3- You're Not Gay- You're Parasitizeds!!!



toxoplasma cyst

Microscopic cysts containing Toxoplasma gondii in mouse brain tissue (Credit: Jitender P. Dubey/USDA)

How a Cat Parasite Affects Your Behavior, Mental Health, and Sex Drive

..."I understand that there are very different rates of toxoplasmosis from country to country. Latin American countries have the highest, and South Korea has the lowest, I believe. Do you think toxoplasmosis could affect behavior on a national level?"

Wikipedia's List of Parasites of Humans-

Keep in mind that the Stanford University neurobiologist in the video below, characterizes the present state of knowledge regarding these parasites as "the tip of the iceburg".

Stanford University neurobiologist Robert Sapolski talks about toxoplasma gondii and current knowledge on parasites-

Suggested Reading

The Role of Infections in Mental Illness

..."Dr. J. Packman of Yale University wrote over ten years ago that "Patients with parasitic loads are more likely to exhibit mental status changes and there is an improvement in mental status of a subset of psychiatric patients following treatment for parasites."

..."there are also multiple documented reports in the literature of psychiatric symptoms associated with other parasites like giardiasis, ascaris (roundworm), trichinae (cause of trichinosis), and Lyme borrelia and viruses like borna virus. Documentation also exists of these psychiatric symptoms resolving when the underlying hidden infection is treated."

by Frank Strick, Clinical Research Director


"Acute infection with Toxoplasmosis Gondi can produce personality changes and psychosis including delusions and auditory hallucinations. T. Gondii can alter behavior, neurotransmitter function and accounts for approximately 25 % of chorioretinitis usually contracted congenitally. 

...Two of the drugs used to treat psychosis and bipolar disorder (Haldol and Valproic Acid) inhibit the growth of t. gondii in cerebrospinal fluid and blood at concentrations below that being treated with these therapies suggesting that improved mental status might actually be due to killing t. gondii not anti-psychotic effects."

By Dr. James Howenstine, MD.
September 13, 2004

National Geographic- "Mindsuckers"

"Meet Nature's Nightmare"
By Carl Zimmer, Photographs by Anand Varma

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