The cure begins with understanding the cause... and while it's often said that the truth hurts, if you have struggled with symptoms related to "homosexuality", it's never been more true than right here, right now, that the truth will set you free!

Of course it's common sense that rampant, promiscuous "anal sex" explains why there is a parasite epidemic among those who identify as "homosexual". But I think it's a safe bet that we at are the first to propose that it's the epidemic of parasites that is causing the rampant, promiscuous "anal sex" and that this behavior is a symptom of a dangerous parasite infestation that can be eliminated (along with all symptoms) with proper antiparasite treatment.

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This website is dedicated to the millions of individuals and their families who have suffered and been damaged due to the age old affliction that has mistakenly been called "homosexuality" and especially to the memory of the many tens of millions of victims who have had their lives tragically cut short, often in the very prime of their lives.

There has been a surprising, to many shocking, new discovery regarding the cause and therefore the cure of so called "homosexuality" that can drastically reduce if not totally end this suffering and loss of life...

This website was created to publicize and make as accessable as possible the discovery that my partner and I stumbled across.

Because neither of us were persuing this goal- in fact we didn't even believe that homosexuality had a cure, it really seems like this information found us rather than we discovered it.

You can rid your precious body and mind of this unwelcome, unwholesome and destructive invader.

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Read my unanswered letter to the daughter of deceased evangelist Oral Roberts, whose family has been mercilessly attacked by this parasite for many years.

This discovery is only that the desire for or interest in genital/anal intercourse or for that matter, any interest in any anal contact is not a sign that someone is "gay". It is a symptom of a parasite infection that needs treatment. In most or all cases of a person considering themselves "gay", it is based on this attraction to and or a percieved need for, "anal sex". Now we know that a parasite has the ability to take up residence in a human brain and start making that human think some "anal sex" would be just dandy while at the same time making that human loose their natural, instinctual revulsion for anything anal. The parasite also turns off the natural fear of doing dangerous acts that can harm the human. So you have a situation where a human seems to think its just so sexy to engage in dangerous, unhealthy and disgusting behavior with as many other people as can be managed.

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Find out exactly what Mike did to de parasitize himself. Participate in our study where we track (anonymously of course) of the results of "gay" people who undertake anti-parasite cleansing programs.

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Here is the chain of events that led up to the discovery or realization or Divine Rev alation.


6 Of Nature's Most Horrifying Mind-Controlling Parasites

Particularly if you're a snail, or an ant, or a Californian killifish.


Why everyone needs to do parasite cleansing on a regular basis...

It is virtually impossible to avoid picking up parasites in the normal course of going through your day. Especialy if you live with children or pets. Anything eaten raw, like a salad or sushi, can harbor parasite eggs. In fact, parasite eggs can be anywhere there are people or animals. Shopping carts, door knobs and handles, restaurant menus, drinking or swimming in contaminated water, even the air we breath can have parasites.

The vast majority of parasite infestations go undetected, misdiagnosed and untreated, indefinitely- It's absolutely the secret of their parasitic success!

But, their win is bad news for humans. Letting parasites have free reign to wreak havock on your health and do whatever they want in and to your body is NOT an intelligent choice.

Stanford University neurobiologist Robert Sapolski talks about toxoplasma gondii and current knowledge on parasites-

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